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Proyectos de iluminación Led

Ledinglab is a company specialized in LED lighting. Its expertise staff
warranties the perfect tools in order to elaborate turnkey lighting projects from
the beginning to the work supervision. All this is possible with the warranty of
homologated products of contrasted quality.

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Iluminación Facahdas

  • Technical development engineering of new Led products build-to-order.
  • Energy saving studies, saving analysis with the LED and return on investment.
  • Assignation of better LED luminaires in accordance with each environment requirements.
  • Installation and preparation technical training of installation manuals.
  • Lighting simulation project.

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Ingenieria de iluminación

  • Architecture Studies
  • Interior Studies
  • Installers
  • Stenographers
  • Promoters
  • Museums
  • Hotel/Restaurant
  • Fields
  • Commercial Sector
  • Events and Expositions.

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We are providers

  • LED panels 600*600 and 1200*1200.
  • Lineal modules of high and low power (rigid and flexible).
  • LED indoor and outdoor spotlight, fitted and surfaced-mounted.
  • Retrofit-LED lights of replacement.
  • Indoor luminaires downlights LED.
  • Fluorescentes LED.LED Tubes.
  • Led Profiles.
  • Wall washers.
  • Drivers and power supplies.
  • Control systems.
  • Luminaires designed to size and customized